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Important News 
24th-Oct-2008 10:48 pm
Hay you~

Guess who's back? I've had enough disk space for a while now but didn't have the time to catch up before break started. I obviously have some epic catching up to do but since it's been so long, it'll take me a while to do so. No worries to those who still want/need my links because I plan to update every series even though they may potentially go to waste. Why? I like keeping promises and finishing what I started. I'm already in the process of uploading so an update by this weekend is in order.

I already have a line-up of what order I'm going to update the series in but what you want is what matters more so kindly fill-out this form if you're interested~

Poll #1284551 404DESU#1

Which series (clannad, code geass, nabari no ou, vampire knight, xxxholic kei, you're under arrest! full throttle) are you interested in getting updates from? Please list in order of priority.

Feel free to include titles you'd like to see, I'll be sure to consider them. If you need to edit your choices, you can do so over here~

Oh and I'm moving to paranmaum. Sorry for the bother but feel free to unwatch this community and transfer to that one for updates. This will be my last post in here unless the need arises. Besides catching up, there are a number of new series I plan to upload so I recommend watching the other one.

Thank you all for being patient and sticking around. ♥